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Who is it for?

PSI-Toolkit is designed for linguists, language engineers or any users who need to process natural language texts and get the results now!

PSI-Toolkit provides an easy-to-use web-service as well as a set of advanced tools for users with some computer skills.

Binding to programming languages

Using PSI-Toolkit within popular programming languages is as simple as possible. Let's have a look at this Perl code:

my $psi = PSIToolkit::Simple::PipeRunner->new
  ("tokenize --lang en ! perl-simple-writer");
$runner->run_for_perl('PSI-Toolkit is Skynet.');
#returns: ['PSI-Toolkit', 'is', 'Skynet', '.'];

It's simple, isn't it?

Ubuntu packages!

No more wasting time trying to compile strange, cumbersome toolkits for natural language processing! PSI-Toolkit is packaged for popular Linux distributions:
Download packages

- + Result:
g 1 My my 2 cat cat.n 3 bit bit.v-d 4 your your 5 dog dog.n 6 your_dog NP 6->4 6->5 7 bit_your_dog S 7->3 7->6 8 . . 9 bit_your_dog. VP 9->7 9->8 10 My_cat_bit_your_dog. S 10->1 10->2 10->9
Or download the output file: